The Only Manufacturer of the Original Composition Ink Roller 

C&P Rollers, Kelsey Rollers, Kluge Rollers, Craftsman Rollers - All Custom Made

Tarheel Roller & Brayer Co. recasts composition letterpress inking rollers on printers’ cores as well as new cores for a variety of presses including Adana, Baltimore, Baltimorean, Chandler & Price, Challenge, Chicago, Colts Armory, Curtis & Mitchel, Craftsman, Craftsmen, Golding Jobber, Gordon, Heidelberg, Honer, Kelly, Kelsey, Kluge, Little Giant. Miller, Miehle Vertical, Nonpareil, Official, Pearl. Peerless, Vandercook and others from 3/4” up to 3” in diameter and from 3” up to 24” wide.  You may download a PDF copy of our current price list here.

Also Available
Rollers, cores, trucks and wooden shipping and storage boxes for most letterpresses.


Soft Rubber Rollers

In 2005 Tarheel Roller began offering letterpress rollers made from soft rubber 20 durometer Buna N material. Call for soft rubber prices.

Hand Inking Brayers


The company also sells antique hand inking brayers and recasts old brayer rollers for printers with new composition material.






Click here for price list (PDF - requires Acrobat Reader).



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