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About Tarheel Roller & Brayer Co.

In 1999, Tarheel Roller Co. of Clemmons, NC acquired the composition roller manufacturing equipment and operations from W.F. Isley & Co. in Greensboro, NC. in order to continue the tradition of composition roller casting for letterpress printers. The purchase included the original double boiler steam heated copper mixing kettles, pressure kettle, roller core centering stars, several roller molds, as well as the composition formulas and techniques developed by Isley since 1913.

Tarheel was salvaged from the scrapyards by two printers, David H. Hauser, and Roy F. Wrights. Both had been Isley roller customers for many years. When they heard the company was preparing to discard some of its surplus molds and equipment, and possibly discontinue making rollers, they asked if they could take a look at what was involved in the roller casting process. Following their observation, they were convinced that someone should continue making composition rollers for letterpress printers who prefer printing with the original type roller material. They decided to form a partnership to purchase and carry on the operation of the business to insure that composition rollers will continue to be available for printers.

The roller casting operations were moved from Greensboro, NC to 2156 Lewisville-Clemmons Road, in Clemmons, NC in May of 1999. We moved to 6118 Winview Heights on February 1, 2011.

Following the death of his partner, Roy Wrights, from lung cancer September 10, 2001, Hauser took over ownership and operations of the business and casts rollers today assisted by Steve Smith.


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