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Call, fax or e-mail for a specific roller price quote for your letterpress. You may download a PDF copy of our current price list here (PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). To receive a printed copy, e-mail us your postal mailing address.  The price of new cores and trucks vary and require a specific quote for each press.

Phone: 336-766-9823
Email: hau6118@aol.com

How to Send Rollers for Recasting


Roller cores to be recast may be shipped with or without old roller material.  Composition rollers must be return shipped in a wooden storage/shipping box.  You may save the box making cost ($38.00 for a 3 roller box and $48.00 for a 6 roller box) by sending your own box, as long as the roller cores are suspended by the ends of the cores and will not touch each other or the sides of the box when recast to their finished diameter.
Include $16.50 minimum shipping/handling per set of rollers.

Rubber roller orders do not require a wooden box unless you order one.
Please include with your order your return shipping address and a daytime phone
number where you can be contacted in case we have questions.

Method of Payment
Payment must accompany all orders, unless prior credit arrangements have been made.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, and personal or company checks. Include credit card information (card number and expiration date) with order or call us with credit card information. 

We will only charge your credit card when your order is ready to ship.

Delivery Time
Please allow approximately 2-3 week for return as we cast on a mid-monthly schedule.
All orders shipped by UPS or Priority U.S. mail.

Where to Send RollersSend all rollers to be recast or recovered by UPS or U.S. Mail to our to our casting plant:

Tarheel Roller & Brayer
6118 Winview Heights
Clemmons, NC 27012

Mailing Address (Please No Rollers to PO Box):
Tarheel Roller & Brayer
P.O. Box 773
Clemmons, NC 27012



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6118 Winview Heights - Clemmons, NC 27012

Phone:  336-766-9823  Email: hau6118@aol.com